A Granddaughter’s Art

Since I wrote yesterday of the beautiful card my youngest granddaughter gave me for Christmas this year, I decided to also share a sweet gift her older sister (and my eldest granddaughter Haley Hayes) made for me on Mother’s Day 2014.

As I presume is true of most mothers and grandmothers, I love handcrafted gifts. They have a message all their own, as in “I invested extra time and thought into something I hoped would please you.”

That’s what Haley’s artwork meant to me. She painted a canvas and selected words for a Grandma acrostic. She painted Generous, Radiant cAring, Noble, Dedicated, aMicable, and Amazing.

And from my not quite 20-year-old Haley, I felt affirmed and appreciated.

Thank You, God, for this gift from a girl with so many. Blessed, I am indeed, to be her Grandma.


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