Thankful for a Faithful Mother

Dorcas Roberta Spooner married Robert Vernon Christensen after only six days of dating when she was 20 and he was 25. Their marriage produced three daughters and lasted until death (his, at age 42 from complications of diabetes, when she was only 37) do they part. I believe this was when the young widow began to draw on her own heritage of faith, established by her parents, Claude A. and Cora Esther Spooner.

Today would have been my beautiful mother’s 89th birthday. Before she died of cancer in 1995 at 70, her spunky spirit was still full of life and an even stronger faith. What a gift to we three girls to know our mother is now eternally in heaven with Jesus.

What a gift to have watched God answer her prayers for help in raising daughters alone, for help with provision and protection, and for help in teaching them how to be productive citizens. What a gift to watch her seek comfort, courage, and strength in the stories and wisdom of the Bible. What a gift to hear her sing and be taught by her the songs of our Christian faith.

Her love for The Lord has inspired me to trust God in every situation and with every need, and to rejoice in all things, even in the hard places.

And for that, I am forever grateful. Thank you, Mom, and Happy, Glorious Birthday!


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8 responses to “Thankful for a Faithful Mother

  1. I sure miss my beautiful sister.

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  2. A wonderful tribute to a special Mother. I loved reading it.

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    • Thank you, Marion, for the kind words. I was blessed this past month to have another story (“Wings of Peace”)involving an experience after her death published in Heaven Touching Earth (a James Stuart Bell compilation of supernatural true stories) and then surprisingly it was selected for the Guideposts – Best Angel Stories 2014 book (“Wings of Love”). It happened in 1995 and I finally was able to write about it last year. My parents were incredible gifts to my life, as you are to the lives of yours (and those beautiful grandchildren). Blessings!!

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      • That is marvelous, congratulations on the publishing!
        Like you, I (still) have the best parents in the world and I love them dearly. They gave me confidence in life and the unconditional love that parents have.
        The children in the photo are not my grandchildren. The two on the sides are my sons (way way back) and the ones in the middle are my nephew and niece.

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      • Oh, I thought they were the ones you inherited : )) At any rate, they are gorgeous children.

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  3. What a wonderful Godly heritage!
    And you are passing down your love of Jesus. I too have a faithful mother.
    I messed up so much with my own children. But I’m a praying grand mother.

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  4. I wish I had spent more spiritual time with my sons when they were smaller, too. I think grandparenting gives us a chance for some do-overs. God hears those prayers, Melinda. Don’t ever stop! He’s promised that if we are faithful, we and our households will be saved. I’m holding on to that hope as well.

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