Father’s Day Eve

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and our church’s women, young and old, are excited about the annual tradition of singing for the men.

We’ll sing three songs and then hear Waneda Brownlow, our missionary to Africa, share a message of encouragement to dads.

She trains our denomination’s leaders there of best practices for teaching children. Because of AIDS and tribal wars, many children and their teachers no longer have fathers. Tears, ours and hers, will probably accompany the stories and the photos she’ll share.

Knowing Waneda, I’m certain we’ll also leave the sanctuary tomorrow morning with renewed hope because she’ll point us to Jesus.

My prayer tonight is that God will help our congregation’s men to sense their significant roles in the great drama of family life—and that they’ll be spiritually confident He will help them to become even better dads and Godly examples.

Dads, “You’ve Got This!”



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2 responses to “Father’s Day Eve

  1. Training our children is most important. Putting the seed of the Word into their hearts gives great joy.


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