September BCW Meeting

Our next meeting is Thursday, September 19, 2013 from 7 to 9PM. (Note: This is the 3rd Thursday).

We meet at St. Andrews United Methodist Church in Brandon, 3315 Bryan Road, Family Center-Room 305.

Gil Gonzalez will speak about social media, blogging & building your online presence. A critique session will follow his talk.

In preparation for our upcoming Brandon Christian Writers e-book, please write the story of how you came into relationship with Christ (in 400 words or less).

Other possible prompts:

1) Share about an unspeakable joy experience.

2) Describe a “divine appointment” experience when God arranged for your path to cross another’s and you were connected for a purpose.

3) A summer to remember

We need your favorite quote about writing. Please e-mail to

We would also appreciate suggestions for speakers, topics and activities for upcoming meetings.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat. This is a great opportunity to learn and meet with two publishers. Here’s the link:


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